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The total river water allocated to Punjab is 14.22 MAF which is distributed  to command area through 7 main canal system namely Sirhind Canal System, Bist Doab Canal system , UBDC system , Sirhind Feeder System , Eastern Canal system, Bhakra Main line  System and Shahnehar Canal  System.

Canal Administration is primarily responsible for operation and maintenance of a very well developed and widespread 14500 Kms long canal system and 5 Head Works. Total cultivable command area in Punjab is 42.90 lac hectare out of which 30.88 lac hectare has been brought under command of canals networks (In addition to pre-partition utilization of 32MAF in Shahnehar Canal System).

The canal infrastructure which was developed in pre independence and post independence period as per details:

Canal irrigation systems in Punjab comprise of


Water is the most essential natural resource, a basic human need and the most important input for all human development activity. The main objective of the Admn is to develop, plan, utilize and manage this important resource for irrigation in a judicious, equitable, sustainable and sound economic manner.

An Act to regulate irrigation, namely ‘Northern India Canal and Drainage Act, 1873 has been enacted for this purpose.


Rehabilitation/Remodeling of the following canals is in progress:-

  • Project for rehabilitation of Ist Patiala Feeder and Kotla Branch:-
  • Conversion of Banur canal from Non perennial to perennial
  • Rehabilitation/ Remodeling/ Construction/ Extension of 74 distributaries and Minors.

New Projects

The following projects have been submitted to Central Water Commission, New Delhi for technical appraisal.

Estimated Cost ( Rs.)
1.Relining of Rajasthan Feeder Rs.889.95 Crore
2.Relining of Sirhind Feeder    Rs. 363.50 Crore
3.Extension, Renovation and Modernization of canals being fed from River Sutlej
Bathinda Branch Rs. 213.21 Crore
Abohar Branch Rs. 187.96 Crore
Sidhwan Branch Rs. 92.96 Crore
Bist Doab Canal system Rs. 187.54Crore 
Sub Total Rs. 681.67 Crore
TOTAL Rs. 1935.127 Crore

The technical appraisal is in final stage. The projects are proposed to be taken up during 2009-10 with financial assistance from Govt. of India.

Organizational Structure