Lining - Main Canals in Punjab

About us

Punjab is predominantly an agrarian state the economy of which is based on agricultural production. The state, called as food basket of India, is having geographical area of just 1.54% of Country but still contributes about 60% wheat and rice in the central pool. The Agricultural production is broadly based on the assured supplies of irrigation water. Since both surface as well as ground water resources in the state have already been fully utilised as such the increase in agricultural production solely depends on the improved efficiency of water use. Significant improvements in the economy of water use and in the operational efficiency can be achieved by modernisation of existing canal system which is centuries old.

Main Objectives of Lining

  • To deliver assured and equitable supplies of canal water to the farmers by making    the channels capable of taking their authorised discharge.

  • To reduce incidents of frequent eroding, cuts and breaches of canal banks.

  • To reduce seepage in the areas where water table is quite high thereby reducing water logging.

  • To economise the use of land presently under Katcha/unlined channels having unprecendently wider sections.

  • To improve operational efficiency and to reduce operational and maintenance cost.

  • To improve the working of problematic channels suffering from frequent silting, scouring and chronic shortage at tails and also having operational draw backs.

Irrigation network in Punjab comprises of 14482 Km of channels in the shape of main/branch canals, distributaries and minors out of which 615 Km length of channels were constructed originally lined. Lining of the some of the identified channels were taken up during 1976-94 and 1990-98 in phases under world bank aided phase I & II Lining Projects, when the length of 5554 Km and 1092 Km of channels respectively were lined.

After-wards during the period of 2006 to 2012 with the assistance of NABARD,the work of Lining of Mamdot Distributory system ( 67.46 k.m) with the expenditure of Rs.2994.13 lacs , the project for Lining of Dehlon Distributory ( 19.97 k.m) with the expenditure of Rs 356.39 lacs, the project for lining of Pakhowal Distributory System, ( 35.62 k.m) with the expenditure of Rs 799.01 lacs, the project for Lining of channels in Ferozepur District (Chhanga Distributory New Chhanga Distributory Guru Harsahai Distributory and Jhaula Minor is ( 41.60 k.m) with the expenditure of Rs 1114.85 lacs, project for Lining of Ladhuka Distributry System ( 74.09 k.m) with the expenditure of Rs 3001.46 lacs ( 2981.98 + 19.48 lacs) and project for side Lining of Ghaggar Branch RD 0 -172000 ( 52.44 k.m) with the expenditure of Rs 5217.02 lacs have been completed .Some Pucca works of Ladhuka Distributory System were completed during 2013-14 to 2014-15.

It is also added that the work of cleaning/desilting of rivers Ravi,Beas,Ghaggar and sutlej was allotted to Lining Administration by the Government on Dated 19.2.2016.The survey was conducted by field staff and the requisite documents for 17 No. sites were submitted to Mining Department for issuing the requisite permits .The work at Khera bet site of Sutlej river was started in April 2016 after receipt of permit by Mining Department.The work of this site was completed during June 2016.

The brief description of the projects being prepared by Lining Administration is as under:

  • Lining of Arnauli Distributory System and Ghuram Distributory system : 150.26 km Lining of channels (Estimated cost of this project Rs. 73.20 crore) .

  • Lining of MANUKE DISTRIBUTORY SYSTEM: 42.69 km Lining of channels (Estimated cost Rs 17.45 crore) .

  • Lining of Channels of UBDC system Distributory system: 238 km Lining of channels (Estimated cost Rs 90.07 crore).

  • Lining of Majitha Distributory Tharia Wala Distributory, Kotla Distributory system, Raipur Distributory and Babehali Distributory System: 155.45 km Lining of channels (Estimated cost Rs 52.55 crore).

   The Work of the above projects will be completed after getting necessary sanctiom / availability from the Government.

Organizational Structure


  • ) Canal Lining Circle, Ferozepur has been attached with the Drainage Administration.

  • ) Kotra Canal Lining Division, Sangrur has been attached with the Canal Administarion.

  • )Canal Lining Arrear Division, Patiala has been attached with the B.M.L, Circle.