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The basic duty of Planning Administration is to prepare Annual Plan, Five Year Plan of all the Plan Schemes of Irrigation Department of Punjab. The secondary duties are to investigate / prepare physical Project Report / Estimate, to investigate and formulate Irrigation Hydel Generation Schemes and to make a systematic evaluation of the completed projects and to evolve suitable guidelines for planning of new projects as well as for improvement of Projects already in operation and Chief Engineer / Planning is also working as Chairman of Punjab Condemnation Board. Two branches under the control of Chief Engineer, Planning i.e. Planning & Project Co-Ordination Branch (H.O.) to handle the quantum of Planning / Project Co-Ordination work mentioned above, presently comprises of: 2 Executive Engineers, 2 A.D.E s and some Drawing and Clerical staff at Chandigarh and One Executive Engineer & One Astt. Design Engineer attached with KAD Administration (H.O.).

The Planning Administration has three Cells:

  1. Project Circle.

  2. Evaluation Directorate.

  3. Project coordination.

1. Project Circle

In this office, the staff carry out investigation of Hydel Schemes in the State and formulation of their Project Report for getting approval of various authorities including Central Water Commission., Central Electricity Authority, Ground Water Board, Govt. of India , New Delhi.

At present this office prepare/ investigate feasibility reports etc.of the following Project:-

a. Hydel Project Division No. 1, Amritsar

  1. Feasibility report of Mukerian Hydel Channel stage-III off taking from RD 3000 M of MHC stage-II to Harike Head Works.

  2. Shahpur Kandi Extension project-conversion of the existing UBDC main RD 0’ to 61088’ into irrigation and power channel incremental study.

  3. Feasibility report of New Hydel Channel for utilizing water of Lohand Khad from tail of Anandpur Sahib Hydel Channel to Ropar Head Works.

b. Project Division No. 2, SAS Nagar Mohali

  1. Detailed project report of remodelling and extension of Badshahi Canal on left side of river Ravi in Distt. Gurdaspur.

  2. Feasibility report for modernisation and extension of Chakandhar Feeder on right side of river Ravi in District Gurdaspur (now Pathankot).

  3. Consolidated Feasibilty report for providing lift irrigation facilities to the area of Ropar Block of District Ropar Located in sub-mountainous area.

    1. Villages: Dangoli, Mansoli & part of Village Chak Karma, etc.

    2. Villages: Ghanaula, Ghanauli, Bikon, Saini Majra, etc.

  4. Consolidated feasibility report for providing irrigation facilities to the area of Nurpur Bedi block of District Ropar located in sub-mountainous area.

    1. Villages: Hayatpur, Ghai Majra and Saupur etc.

  5. Consolidated feasibility report for providing facility to the area of Village Kot matti, Lanjera, and sarti Marwan etc located in sub-mountaineous area of Dhar block Distt. Gurdasur (Now Pathankot).

  6. Feasibility report for remodeling of Salempur minor for providing irrigation facilities to the areas on left side of river Ravi in Distt. Pathankot.

  7. Collection of Rainfall data and plotting of Rainfall maps of Punjab State.

c. Project Division No.1 Gidderbaha

  1. This division is presently attached with Drainage Circle, Gidderbaha.

2. Evaluation Directorate

Nature of works being done in Evaluation Directorate:-

  1. Evaluation study of Irrigation Projects completed under ERM scheme.

  2. Evaluation study of sinking and installation of deep tubewells in Kandi Area.

  3. Evaluation study of Water distribution system of low dams in Kandi Area.

  4. Bench marking study of low Dams in Kandi Area.

  5. This Directorate act as Nodal officer with regards to public grievances pertaining to Irrigation Department received under PB-PGRAMS portal.

  6. On-line monitoring of Physical Progress of ongoing works of Drainage Administration.

3. Directorate of Project Coordination

The Directorate of Project Co-ordination is mainly responsible for the following works:-

  • The coordination of works between the various organizations of Punjab Government and Central Government.
  • To monitor the progress of various Projects undertaken by KAD, Canal PSTC Admn. Under Bharat Nirman Programme bringing one crore Hectare of land under assured Irrigation.
  • Other connected works such as preparing Result Frame Work Document with reference to Irrigation Department.
  • Dealing with settling of Audit Paras./Inspection report raised by Accountant General and “Internal Audit Organization of Punjab”.

Organizational Structure