KAD Administration

About Us

KAD Administration is primarily responsible for the development of the Kandi area for attenuation of floods and for providing irrigation facilities to the Kandi area which otherwise has been starved of assured irrigation, besides, repair/maintenance and running of already completed Canal/Dams in the region. Total 71621 hectares of land is proposed to be brought under command of Kandi canal and low dams, out of which 35640 hectare (50%) has already been brought under command of canals & Low Dam’s networks.


Most of the agriculture land in Kandi area of Punjab is Barani i.e. dependent on rains. The requirement of water for Rabi and Kharif crops cannot be met because most of the rainfall occurs in 2½ months only. Average agriculture yield has been only 700 Kg/Hectare against State’s 4500 Kg/Hectare. Further Kandi area being very undulating and sub mountainous, is traversed by numerous small and big seasonal streams called choes and is prone to flashy floods. About 40% of this rain water gets wasted in floods, which causes considerable damages to the crops & village abadies and makes the land in- fertile.

The main objective of KAD administration is to implement the projects in Kandi area to attenuate floods and provide assured irrigation in the region, so as to bring up-liftment in socio-economic setup of habitants of the area.


The Govt. of Punjab took an ambitious programme by conceiving an integrated plan in the seventies for the development of Kandi Area and a two tier irrigation system has been envisaged as under:

  1. Construction of series of Low Dams in the upper reaches and
  2. Beyond the command of the dams, construction of a contour canal called Kandi Canal for development of irrigation, primarily on its right side with gravity flow and partly on left side with Lift Irrigation Schemes.

Completed Projects

  1. Kandi Canal Stage-I.
  2. 12 Low Dams.
  3. Rehabilitation of Irrigation Distribution System of 5 No. Low Dams in Kandi Area.

On-Going Projects

  1. Construction of Kandi Canal Stage-II.
  2. Construction of Nara Dam in Distt. Hoshiarpur (One out of New 9 Low Dams in Kandi Area)

Future Projects

  1. Rehabilitation of Kandi Canal Stage - I.
  2. Construction New 8 Low Dams in Kandi Area
  3. Rehabilitation of Irrigation System of Remaining 7 No. Low Dams in Kandi Area.

Benefits at A Glance From Low Dams

  1. Flood attenuation.
  2. Recharging of area D/S of dam.
  3. Reclamation of flood prone area.
  4. Irrigation.
  5. Fisheries.
  6. Tourism, development of sports activities.
  7. Prevent erosion of fertile soil.
  8. Check gully formation.
  9. Saving of human life & cattle.