Ranjit Sagar Dam Design

About Us

Ranjit Sagar Dam as a whole and spillway in specific has many unique technical features which have barely been adopted on Hydro Electric Projects in the Country. The various components have been designed indigenously. All the construction drawings, layout drawings etc. have been prepared by Design Organization. Wherever required model studies have also been carried out. The unique features of Ranjit Sagar Dam Spillway are:

  1. Multiple energy dissipation arrangement.

  2. Aeration gallery.

After commissioning of the Project the Design Organization is engaged in the following main works:

  1. Processing and analysis of instrument data.

  2. Preparation of memos and reports for consideration by the Board of Consultants and the Dam Safety Advisory Committee..

  3. Development of early warning system and preparation of inundation plans.

  4. Reservoir regulation studies.

  5. Preparation of completion plans, design write up and data book etc. so as to record history, sequence and lessons learnt during the course of construction.

A few works like final plugging of Tunnel T-1 and curtain grouting etc. are yet to be completed for which necessary efforts are being made.

Organizational Structure